| Sunday, 9 June 2013

After many requests I am posting d NIFTY chart. Expert comments are welcome.

As usual i am pasting 3 time frames Hourly, 240 Minutes and Daily charts.
Studying the 3 major indicators MACD,ADX and ROC.

On the Hourly charts the RSI is showing a positive div.., while the trend is not yet formed , the candles have formed some sort of base since last few sessions. MACD is just above the zero line which is crucial while the ROC has turned up again with the DIs poised again for a positive crossover. There is also a slight Positive div in +DI.

On the 240 M charts d trend is moderate negative but with a positive ROC div., and positive Histogram div. Also taken a support of 200 EMA.

On the daily charts the ADX is again poised for a change in trend. While the HPI and Stoc showing a positive divergence.


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