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2 NSE Historical Intra Day Database

| Saturday, 6 September 2014
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The life of Charting is having Historical Database for analysis.

I searched for NSE Intraday Data it but found that some how people are not willing to share it for free.

Many people are desperately seeking for this kind of data and new comers cant afford to pay huge prices for software's and data as well.

I have NSE Cash 5 min of over 1000 stocks for the year 2008 2009 and 2010. Am updating 2014.

The gap lies in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Considering this I have decided to upload as much data as I have with me and some day some Noble person would come our way to fill in this gap and make our database complete.

*NSE = National Stock Exchange, India

NSE Historical Intra Day Database

Posted by : Prasad Rao
Date : Saturday, 6 September 2014
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