0 Siemens - Trading a Falling Knife

| Saturday, 9 March 2013


Started its fall since beginning of Jan 13. Falling Knifes are dangerous to catch. Breaking its 52 week lows since then.I was looking at the time frames to catch the bottom of Siemens. 

Studying the above charts I took a call on Siemens.

The Hourly Chart on 04th March 2013 had a Positive MACD Divergence and the ADX was loosing its negative strength.

The 240M chart on 05th March also formed a Positive MACD divergence with ADX loosing its negative strenght.

The signals were further confirmed on the Daily Charts on 04th and 05th March will all oscillators on all time frames giving a screaming buy.

This was a confirmation that Siemens wud move up from here.


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